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5 Rules for the Confident Cold-Caller

Question: Anyone can market behind their computer or mail, and I know I can’t just let my work speak for itself. Can you give me some confidence-builders so I can make phone calls and meet potential clients?

Cold-calling potential clients can be very intimidating, but it’s necessary if you’re pitching yourself as a photographer.

When I pitch a potential client who may not be familiar with me or my work, I have five rules I always keep in mind to help build my confidence:

3 Steps to Booking Long-Distance Meetings

Question: When cold-calling potential clients that may be farther away, should I ask to take a meeting or to just send my portfolio? I live in northern New York and most of the clients I’m targeting are in New York City, which is four hours away. What should my plan of action be (hopefully to save me money on traveling)? Also, when cold calling, should I just be using my elevator speech?

As everyone will admit (well, 99.9% of the creative industry), it’s torturous to have to sit down and make those calls. But you have to go into calling with a goal, an agenda and a realistic expectation.

Calling to say you’ll be in town definitely gets better results than living in that same town (it’s a fact). So if you plan on taking a trip, plan for the day and try to see a minimum of three or four people to make the trip worthwhile.

A Strong Foundation for Successful Cold Calls

Question: Does cold calling really work?

This is a topic that has and will continue to have a lot of discussion. In my opinion, yes, it does work – but first and foremost you need to have a strong foundation:

Secrets of the Successful Cold Call

Question: What kind of questions should I be asking potential clients during a cold call?

Cold calls, thy name is hell!

As someone who’s worn many hats in this industry – photographer, buyer, producer, agent – I can tell you anyone who enjoys making or receiving cold calls is a rare breed. But I can also tell you that cold calls are a notable component of successful marketing plans, and if done right can be both highly effective and completely painless for makers and receivers alike.

The most important ingredient in successful cold calling is knowing what to ask when that potential client picks up.

Dialogues Podcast: Follow-Up Call & Marketing Strategies

Question: What are the most effective follow-up strategies before and after meeting potential clients?

The follow-up call is another make-or-break component in your overall marketing strategy. You’ve done the research and sent your best stuff to the right clients, but how soon after your email or direct-mail pitch do you make the follow-up call? What do you say? And if that first follow-up doesn’t produce immediate results, how do you know when – or if – you should follow-up the follow-up?

3 Steps to Win the Client Over After the Initial Creative Call

Question: When an art producer makes the initial creative call to me, how can I indicate my creative compatibility and a willingness to collaborate on the project? Are there questions I should be asking, such as what their vision is, and then express mine?

When an art producer reaches out regarding a potential project, this is your time as a photographer to step up to the plate and shine. Obviously, there is already some form of interest in you, your capabilities and your voice. So you need to make an impression that puts you over the top as THE photographer for the project.

Maximizing Your Business Through Outsourcing (Part 2)

Question: What aspects of my business are easiest to outsource so that I have free time to accomplish more important/relevant work?

There are several aspects of business an artist can outsource that will allow them to maintain focus on their craft, which of course cannot be outsourced.

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