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Top 6 Questions to Ask a Potential Artist Consultant

Question: What are the most important questions to ask a potential consultant?

Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a newbie or someone in need of reinvention, creative consultants can help you see the light. A creative consultant can help you discover your brand, develop an image for your business, create a marketing strategy and search out relevant markets for your photography or illustration business.

Finding the right consultant can feel a lot like dating. It’s important to go into this with an idea of what you’re looking for and what you want the outcome to be – and to leave a little room for the magic of chemistry.

Consultants and Artists: Playing Nicely Together

Question: How do I know that a consultant and I are a good fit? Do I look for a consultant that fits my style or should a consultant adjust to my style?

Working with a consultant should be a collaborative process. A consultant should clearly understand your career thus far and be able to assist you in getting you to where you’d like to be, professionally and artistically.

It is important when working with a consultant to be up-front and honest about what you hope to achieve, and the amount of time you’re willing to put into the process. The more focused and clear you are with the consultant, the more effective the consultations will be. Remember, it’s sometimes necessary to get out of your comfort zone to make long-lasting changes.

How to Get the Most Out of Working With a Consultant

Question: How can I get the best value out of working with a consultant?

Do Your Research

Much like a client, before working with a consultant, you need to do your research. Not every consultant will necessarily fit your needs or match your personality. After perhaps narrowing it down to a few, you need to speak with each one, if possible, and decide which shoe fits.

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