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Is Collaborating On A Portfolio A Good Idea?

Question: How effective are collaborative portfolios?

Two things come to mind with collaborative portfolios – the art exercise “exquisite corpse” and illustration studios that are made up of two or more artists.

Before we discuss how collaborative portfolios can be both fun and rewarding, here's a quick rundown of what can make a collaborative portfolio work:

Simple Postcards vs. Fancy Direct Mail: Which Works Better?

Question: How do postcards perform (compared to specialty pieces) with editors and art buyers?

How postcards perform compared to more specialty pieces of direct mail is the $64 million question. As agents, we guide the talent we represent to do a wide range of marketing and direct mail is always part of the equation.

The big question always comes up: Should we do more frequent mailings with postcards, or a specialty piece that only goes out once or twice?

How to Market Cheaply – Without Looking Cheap

Question: How do you create a direct mail/email campaign with a low budget without coming off looking cheap or like you’re broke?

Concept reigns! Creating an email campaign that rocks means creating a campaign that’s connected conceptually and stylistically.

Make sure it contains fresh work, not recycled images that second-guess the marketplace. Be certain you show where you’re going, not where you have been.

Take risks. Be outrageous. You have nothing to lose, because you cannot lose something you don’t have. Go for it.

3 Ways to Grow as Both a Creative and a Professional

Question: How do I grow my business with limited time and still be creative? Business is great, but I feel like I’m not personally growing and I’m stuck in a “commercial” rut.

Perhaps the problem is a lack of creativity … in thinking about creativity.

Will an Art Buyer Really Read Your Blog?

Question: With today's busy schedules, are creative directors and art buyers taking time to read blogs?

Yes, everyone is busy and multitasking, but I do believe that art directors and creative directors are taking the time to read certain photographers’ blogs, and some art buyers may read them too, schedule-permitting.

Why? If they like the work they have already seen on your website, they are more likely to want to find out what else they can learn about you from your blog and to see what you’ve been up to lately. A blog gives them an extended peek into the photographer’s personality, and glimpses of what they might be like to work with.

Real Reactions to Artist Postcards: Kept or Tossed?

Question: I hear most creatives toss marketing materials. How do I make a lasting impression and distinguish my direct mail piece from the competition?

Backstage With a Promo Card at a Magazine

The time for me to check my direct mail was like a pilgrimage to our office inboxes. This always happened at the end of an extremely busy closing cycle of the magazine. I was finally able to get inspired and find some new talent and check out some websites. That’s a photo editor’s job, to find and hire photographers and illustrators, and the promo or email is the beginning of building a relationship with an artist. Promo cards are a bit like speed dating, except only the photographer can speak.

Dialogues Podcast: Attention Grabbing Emails

Question: How do I get the attention of creatives with an email marketing campaign?

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach potential buyers – cost-effective, green and a useful measure of how your work’s being received. Emails make great introductions, instantaneously deliver sharp images and are vital component of a well-rounded marketing campaign.

But today’s creatives are bombarded with marketing emails. The trick is setting yours apart, getting the creatives’ attention and attracting them to your website. In this essential Dialogues Podcast, expert consultants and reps reveal what buyers prefer and respond to best when it comes to email marketing. From the number and size of images to keeping your branding message clear, no photographer or illustrator should hit “send” without listening and learning:

Affordable Ways to Share Print and Web Portfolios

Question: What are some less-expensive options for getting my portfolio out there?

Good news! Nowadays, it really has become much more affordable to get your portfolio out there, both online and as coffee table books, which can be self-published. Here are a few suggestions and current trends; I say “trends” because some of them are certainly that, and it’s okay if you don’t do it all. You have to choose what works for you and your current budget.

Consistency, Creativity and Simplicity Fuel Direct Mail Success

Question: How important is direct mail in the editorial field? Is it better to keep the direct mail piece simple yet creative and well thought-out, or do complex pieces get more attention?

Postcard marketing is a vital part of my success. It's as important as my right hand and I still rely on it as my No. 1 form of advertising.

To Personalize Direct Mail Promos, You Have to Bring the Passion

Question: How can I make my direct mail promotions feel more personal?

You can only personalize a direct mail piece when you know something personal about the recipient.

Let’s say you’re mailing to 3,000 people who meet the criteria that you and Agency Access have carefully identified. These are potentially warm prospects. But it would not be practical to do further research on 3,000 prospects. To a large extent, knowing about your audience and sending relevant direct mail promotions is a form of targeting – but targeting is not necessarily personalizing.

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