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Shooting On The Edge -- An Interview With Mark Fisher

Today’s Lab feature is an interview with adventure photographer and athlete Mark Fisher.  Mark’s work often takes him to the far-flung corners of our planet, whether this means attempting the 8000 meter peak of Mt. Shishapangma in Tibet, dangling off the sheer face of El Capitan in Yosemite, or just navigating a dusty mountain trail on a bicycle.  Having done work for global brands such as The North Face, Nike, Patagonia, and Columbia has helped solidify Mark’s reputation as an incomparable action-sports and outdoor photographer.  All that experience has allowed him to conquer the photographic aspects of his job, so Mark has recently begun to incorporate video into his shoots – and it’s beginning to gain some traction.


An Expert’s Guide to Social Media Networking

Question: Social networking has blown up so much it reminds me of email promotions. Are art producers, creative directors and other creatives really looking for new talent here?

When I sat down to write about this topic, I thought of Mike Ruiz. Mike is smart about using social media to advertise not only his business, but the great person he is. When I first met Mike he was not getting the clients he wanted but had these amazing opportunities he wasn’t showing. At the time, the most recognizable was being a photographer in America’s Next Top Model. He was on the American version several times but a judge on the Canadian version where he charmed everyone when he spoke to a contestant in French! His presence on screen was so professional that people wanted to find out “Who is Mike Ruiz?” which increased his presence in the social media world.

Artist & Client Relationship Q&A with Clare O’Dea, Owner, Clare Agency LLC & C20 Agency

Interview with Clare O’Dea of Clare Agency LLC. & C20 Agency

Welcome to The Lab’s third round of questions, interview style, with Clare O’Dea. With over 15 years of experience in the photography industry, Clare chats with us on what it takes to form those crucial, yet special bonds with the photographers she represents, and the clients they work for.

Inspiration and Knowledge Q&A with NY Photographer Rep Doug Truppe

Interview with Doug Truppe of Doug Truppe Represents

Most of the artists I speak to want nothing to do with their marketing, but want to do everything possible with their marketing. Some are quite proficient and understand how to put together a marketing and promotional plan that maintains good client-relations and increases business. Others, however, struggle with putting together a comprehensive plan and executing it in a timely manner. With all of the multitasking an artist's job entails, you have to ask yourself "what activities will benefit my business the most?"

Thankfully, there are great resources out there: consultants, artist representatives, marketing managers, assistants and fellow artists that you can incorporate into your business planning process. Although these people can assist with the workload, add to the creative process and help provide direction, they are not the end-all solution to an artist’s marketing mix.

Estimating Q&A with VP, Art Production Supervisor Kellie Bingman of McKinney

Interview with Kellie Bingman of McKinney

The Lab’s had such a great response to our Creative Collision video series that it’s decided to mix things up a bit! Here’s The Lab’s first round of your questions, interview style, with art producers, photo editors, reps and more.

First up: Kellie Bingman

With over 11 years of experience as an art producer at McKinney, we're asking Kellie to weigh in on estimating and negotiating – everything from sure-fire things you should avoid to promising line items that may “plus” a bid.

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