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The Social Landscape in 2014

Social Media provides business professionals more than just a way of interacting with friends and their personal network -- websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram allow people to showcase their work and their personalities too.

As the internet changes and evolves (rather rapidly, I might add), more and more social media websites are emerging into the cyber world, most of them having different features and functions. It seems that almost everyone these days is using social media in some form, and freelancers should pay attention to the social habits of creatives and buyers in the magazine, news, and advertising industries. You might say to yourself that you are far too busy focusing on your art to promote yourself socially, but carving out a little bit of time for social media can pay dividends.

So what social media sites are buzzing in 2014, and how can you use them as leverage for self-promotion? Keep on reading…

5 Reasons To Outsource Your Marketing

If you’re like many creative people, marketing is the last thing you want to spend time on. Paid gigs, shooting or designing personal work, editing images, doing taxes, and other business tasks usually seem a lot more urgent.

The trouble is if you don’t do marketing — especially when you’re busy — you’ll eventually have far too much time for marketing. That’s because you won’t have any work.

Luckily, you don’t have to do it all yourself. There are many great reasons to outsource marketing tasks to someone who lives and breathes in that world. Here are five of the biggest:

It's Time to Shine!

I'm excited and flattered to be participating in the 2014 Dream Bigger Conference, an online audio conference bringing together a dozen of the world's most creative and inspirational entrepreneurs.

The conference will take place February 3-5, and was organized by Angela Pointon of Steel Toe Images.  Angela and I were both mentored by the amazing Elyse Weissberg. Although our paths never crossed then, Angela recently reached out to me and once you have Elyse in your blood we are connected.  I'm really looking forward to being able to reach creative people of all levels, from photographers to designers and art directors through this seminar.

From The Archives: Detox Your Career

Top industry consultant Amanda Sosa Stone offers tips on how to clear your head and renew your creative energy as we enter 2014:

You can drink wheatgrass shots, eat kale salads all day, or bubble wrap yourself – but that won't detox your career.  Here are 6 easy steps I would advise commercial artists take to get healthy professionally in the New Year. Remember, the goal with any detox (body, mind, spirit, or even work) is to clear out the junk and let the good stuff in.

What Buyers Want From Photographers

For the third year in a row, Agency Access has partnered up with PhotoShelter to produce the annual What Buyers Want From Photographers ebook.  The guide has been completely updated with new surveys, case studies, interviews and statistics from real life art buyers.

Creating and Implementing an Audio Logo

Most major companies spend thousands of dollars to create logos which visually capture the essence of their services, corporate mission, or product offerings.  Thousands more are spent applying that logo to every advertisement, promotion, letterhead, and product they produce. When repeated consistently, a logo builds meaning and equity. It reminds people what the company stands for every time they see it.

Using Specialties to Build a Targeted List

Are you a photographer who shoots within multiple specialties?  The conundrum you are likely facing is how to narrow down the companies to promote yourself to.  While I can’t tell you which companies are the best to choose for your photography, I can tell you how to generate your own list using the resources offered by Agency Access.   

It's All About the Brand

As a creative talent rep who is approached with hundreds of agency submissions per day, one question I am regularly asked by photographers is “how do I make my work stand out from the rest?” Great question! The answer is simple: it’s all about your branding. Having a unique, consistent and recognizable brand could determine whether an art director considers you for their next big campaign, or if an agent picks you up as a new photographer on their roster.

Generation Hustle: Dealing With Rejection

The latest entry in Corina Marie Howell's "Generation Hustle" blog series -- an all-encompassing look at what many young, talented photographers of this generation are struggling with in this economic climate and age of technology.


Why your brand should know about #Larssticker.

Q: Emails, phone calls and direct mails still work great in the freelance industry, but what are some different and unique ways to get your name out there?

For the uninitiated, sticker bombing is the practice of posting stickers in public places, usually with an artistic intent (and usually not because the sticker bomber is a vandal). Street art like this takes many forms and has even achieved some high-flying aesthetic objectives when practiced by noted street artists like Banksy and JR Artist.

Lars Topelmann, a photographer based in Portland who shoots worldwide, is known for capturing the quirky, the humorous, and the spontaneous moments that come before his lens. In perhaps the quirkiest turn of his career, however, a sticker bearing his profile has become a street art movement of its own, perpetuated by frequent Instagram posts.

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