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Portfolio (in)Sanity - Part 2

Updating your Portfolio Sites

Using portfolio sites (some call them sourcebooks) like FoundFolios or Dripbook are a fantastic way to expand your brand, or even to try to find a new client market for your work.  Sites like these are great places to share your work because they provide a centralized hub for art buyers and other creatives to view talent; it saves them time when they need to quickly compare twenty portrait photographers in San Francisco, for example.  Another example: if a buyer is looking for a pre-existing stock photo, they can easily find your work through proper keyword tagging or searching the appropriate specialty.  This makes these sites an indispensible resource for finding work. 

Portfolio (in)Sanity - Part 1

Question: There are so many outlets for sharing your portfolio. You have your main website, possibly a portfolio site, social media and your actual print/tablet portfolio. Should I keep all of the sites cohesive, from using the same images to updating them at the same time?

Choosing the right images for your portfolios could be the most important thing you do with your marketing.  That’s a lot of pressure, and for good reason — creatives often view multiple artists’ work every day. If they don’t see good work right away, they’ll move on to the next artist who shows the right spark. 

Keep Your Client Happy: Six Essential Tips For Managing A Photo Shoot

Question: What are some production strategies for managing medium to large shoots?

When it comes to managing any type of shoot, you need two things: organization and a strategy. As the size of the shoot increases, so do the complexity of its logistics and the details you and your team are responsible for. Hiring the right crew - and enough crew - will be a key part of a successful strategy and well-executed shoot.

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