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Trimming The Fat: Tips For Staying on Budget

For producers, one of our biggest responsibilities is to manage the budget on shoots. This takes resourcing, planning, flexibility, creativity — and the ability to anticipate and adjust in moments notice.

Where to Start

In general, I start with a budget as if we had the ideal amount of money to accommodate the shoot. This doesn’t mean you should beef up the numbers — but that you should figure out what you need so that all bases are covered. Leave a little wiggle room in case of any problems. From there, you can start going through the costs line by line to see

5 Steps To A Successful Production

Producing a photo shoot takes a lot of planning and organization. Photographers often tell me that they don’t know where to begin when it comes to production so I wanted to share some guidelines which in my experience have helped lead to producing a successful photo shoot.

Step 1: The Estimate - Once you know exactly what the client needs, the first step is to create an estimate for them, quoting costs for everything and everyone involved in the shoot. You must be very careful and meticulous when putting the quote together because once the client agrees to the final budget you present, anything you miss will either come out of your pocket or surprise the client as an additional expense. Use this estimate to make a production checklist to work off of. It should include photography creative and usage fees, the cost for models, hair, makeup, wardrobe, travel (if applicable), assistants, catering, props, equipment rental, location fees, and post-production fees. Of course, every photo shoot will vary and will have different items to include.

Be Extra Prepared For Your Shoot’s Production

Question: How do you go about discussing production quality and how much production a shoot actually requires?

So you’ve made the connection and booked a client – way to go! Now that you have the sales part taken care of, the next step is producing the job.

From location scouting and gathering permits to casting models and arranging catering, there are many aspects of production that need to be taken into consideration when planning a photo shoot. The question is: Who handles these important production elements?

Creative Collision: How to Master Shoot Production

Question: How do you run a successful production?

Clients believe a producer can make or break a photography shoot, not to mention their relationship with you! And they're right. In this video, creatives discuss what makes a producer great and what gets a producer - and their unfortunate artist – mentally blackballed. Before you head into your next shoot, learn what matters in today's shoot productions and how to leverage this afterthought into a professional strength:

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