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Lunch with a Creative Director

Recently the folks at the Lab asked me if I could shed light on the subject of what kind of self-promotion gets the attention of a Creative Director. Having been a Creative Director for some of the world’s most influential brands at some of the world’s most influential agencies, I felt capable of taking a crack at an answer. But then I felt you, the artist, deserved something even more thoughtful. So, I went to the source and sat down to lunch with an emailer, a direct mailer, and my landline phone at NYC’s Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District. The names of their senders (and the number of my landline) will be kept anonymous. This is how our conversation went.

Getting Noticed - How to Catch the Eye of a Rep

Question: What does an artist representative look for when sorting through their daily submissions for new talent?

     As a photo agent, my email is flooded on a daily basis with submissions from photographers seeking representation. I take the time to personally look through every single submission we receive, and after the many mistakes I have seen I wanted to share some very important aspects of approaching an agency that photographers interested in representation should keep in mind.

     Agents seek photographers with a strength - artists who really excel in their field. One problem I see in more than half of the submissions we receive is that

Stand Out From The Crowd With An Awesome Promotional Piece

An Interview With Photographer Matt Dutile

 Lifestyle and travel photographer (and Agency Access member) Matt Dutile recently tweeted a photo of his newest direct mail promo:

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