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Now Trending - Food: Sustenance or Lifestyle?

Now Trending is a Lab column penned by Agency Access consultant Karen D'Silva. A few times a year, Karen will take a look at emerging and current trends in the advertising industry to help commercial artists gain insight into what art buyers and other creatives are looking for.

There is a movement growing in our society. We started to see it with “green,” then “authenticity,” and even in “conscious capitalism.” This movement is the emergence of a social mindfulness – the drive to be better people and make a better world to share. This movement affects our desire for happiness, defines us as parents, causes us to take a stand for the kind of people we want to be -- and the food we eat often takes center stage in this social revolution.

On The Cutting Edge - Trends in Photo Gear and Techniques

The world of photography is ever-changing and with new advancements in camera, lens, and editing technologies, the industry grows by leaps and bounds each year. The latest trends in gear and photographic techniques allow us a glimpse into the future of the industry.  In today’s article we are excited to discuss what styles, editing tools and game-changing equipment will be the most popular for the coming months.

Now Trending: "Daditude"

Now Trending is a new series by consultant Karen D'Silva. A few times a year, Karen will take a look at emerging and current trends in the advertising industry to help commercial artists gain insight into what art buyers and other creatives are looking for.

When we talk about what’s trending, most people think the conversation is going to be about new fashions strutting down the runway. Though knowing Pantone has deemed emerald green the new black for 2013 can be valuable, keeping an eye on trends is also about understanding the things that shape our society into what it is today. Trend following is an integral part of understanding our world, and it provides useful insights that can be worked into any advertiser’s marketing strategy. When trends in media and advertising are taken into account, you can increase the relevance of your images to your clients.

Luminance 2012: Hipstamatic’s Lucas Allen Buick

Recap from PhotoShelter’s Luminance 2-Day Conference

Back in September, the PhotoShelter team and I ran our first PhotoShelter-produced event called Luminance. While most photo conferences focus on gear and technique, we decided to change things up. Today, digital cameras have become ubiquitous, camera phones capture more photos than stand-alone cameras, and social networks have become the largest and fastest growing repositories of photos on the Internet. The impact of photography has become more significant than ever before. Photos are social currency. They provide a way to remember, relive, and communicate.

This year, Luminance hosted 25+ speakers who gave TED-style talks over the course of two days in New York City. The first video I thought I’d share with readers of Agency Access’ The Lab features Hipstamatic’s Co-Founder and CEO Lucas Allen Buick.

Marketing Trends: Be Smart, Be Creative, Be a Leader

Question: How do I keep up with the trends and still retain my current marketing path?

I have a magnet on my refrigerator that says, “Change is good as long as I don’t have to do anything different!But the only thing that is consistent in this life is change. So how does that apply to this question about trends, and whether or not to change your current marketing plan?

The Social Photography Debate: Do You Instagram?

As social photography rises, how well do you really know what your clients are looking for?

Since I work in digital marketing – email, social media, blogging – I take special notice of changes in the social media realm. One whirlwind trend I’ve followed for the last few years is social photography. Professional photographers already struggling to market work through print and email are debating whether or not to jump on the social media bandwagon and share photos on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.

Until recently, I felt the main debate over social photography was the possibility of image theft. But there are more sides to this story - from concerns over artistic quality to praise for its convenience.

Different Situations, Different Ways to Present a Portfolio

Question: How do creatives prefer to view a portfolio? What will be the future trends in showing portfolios?

When I was a photo editor, time was sometimes limited, decisions often needed to be made and meetings with photographers were not always possible.

Should Illustrators Plan a Back-Up Career?

Question: I’m concerned about the future of illustration. I love illustrating, but I’m afraid that if the company I work for goes under I won’t be able to make a living illustrating. I feel like it would be in my best interest to learn web design since that seems to be the safest market in the design field right now. What is your opinion?

Illustration is not going anywhere, but trends do shift and you must be educated and prepared to “shake things up” so you shift along with them and your work doesn’t look dated.

The best way to ease your concerns about the future of illustration is to keep current on styles, trends, mediums and technology. A bookstore is an excellent source for seeing how illustration is being used – there are books, magazines, music packaging, calendars and an entire children's section with endless illustrations. Of course, one very common trend now is incorporating illustration work into web projects, so if you’re interested in web design and have the time and resources to learn it, go for it.

Following Trends Without Sacrificing Self

Question: I have an established look. How can I attract new business without totally changing to meet the trends of the marketplace?

As a creative professional, it is important to have your finger on the pulse of what’s going on with trends in your industry.

Undoubtedly, these trends will influence and inspire your photographic style and brand identity. But before changing your look to meet these trends, keep these two points in mind:

  1. You must stay true to your vision, which is more genuine than chasing a trend
  2. You might consider an evolution of your photography or brand, rather than a complete overhaul

Is There Any Future for Your Traditional Style?

Question: What if my point of view is not trendy? Is there still a market for a more traditional approach?

If your point of view is not trendy, have no fear! There is so much you can do with a more traditional approach.

Regardless of what I’m shooting, I personally do everything I can to keep trendy elements out of my images. My goal when I shoot is to create timeless images that viewers can look at years later and still relate to. When looking at older images by photographers such as Herb Ritts or Peter Lindbergh, it’s very hard to tell when the images were taken. Their images are classic and not trendy in any way, so they’re just as stunning and appreciated today as they were when they were photographed. I strive for the same timeless quality in my images.

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