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The Next Steps: A Post College Odyssey

An interview with photographer, cinematographer, and recent college grad Bobby Bruderle.

As a young emerging talent your drive and work ethic is so important. I always say that passion and perseverance equals success. In todays marketplace, the quality of your work is almost a given. What distinguishes one talent from another is your ability to build relationships and your ability to market yourself. 

Marketing Video: Proceed With Caution

Question: When is the right time to begin marketing my motion work and putting videos on my website, as opposed to sharing it on my blog or social media?

Venturing into a new medium such as video is exciting and inspiring. So, when our photographers first started adding video to their capabilities, we made sure to have extensive discussions with them about how to go about this.

We explained that this was a new frontier of sorts and they needed to determine if and how it would fit into their current business models. Ultimately, some chose to add it to their capabilities and others chose to find directors of photography they could partner with as the need arose. Either way, each of them created a new process for how they could offer video to their clients.

Creative Collision: Direct to Video … Or Not

Question: How important is it to shoot video?

With more and more clients looking for video products, more and more photographers are dabbling with motion work … and some are doing more than just dabbling. But what are creatives really looking for – great photographers who might make a nice transition to video, or up-and-coming videographers who already know motion? In this special Creative Collision video, insiders answer:

Time, Money or Both: Taking the Video Plunge

Question: How much should I be investing in the transition from still to video? I don't want to be a photographer who just shoots video; I want to be a professional photographer AND a professional film-maker.

I reached out to several clients and an Emmy Award-winning director, who’s also a very dear friend, to answer this question. They provided some really valuable information!

The Good and Bad News About Video In Email Campaigns

Question: Can a movie be sent as part of an email blast?

If you're glowing over a recently finished motion piece but realize you aren't sure how to promote it by email, here's the bad news:

Photographers Making the Transition Into Video

Question: What would I need to know to jump from a photography position to shooting video?

It seems like everyone is a budding videographer these days. Whether you feel that it is essential for your business growth or something you’ve always wanted to do ... motion is on everyone’s mind.

5 Photography Trends to Differentiate Yourself from Competitors

Question: Are there long-term trends that we should be looking at for our branding? What are those trends?

Let’s examine the definition of a business trend according to the BusinessDictionary.com: “a pattern of gradual change in a condition, output or process, or an average or general tendency of a series of data points to move in a certain direction over time.”

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