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photojack’s Marketing Makeover: Campaign Manager Pro: My Progress So Far

The No. 1 question I get asked about Campaign Manager Pro: “Is the program worth it?”

I think what most fellow photographers mean by this question is, “Have you gotten any new jobs as a result of your investment in CMPro?”

Let me cut right to the chase and answer this question straight out: No, I have not gotten any new jobs – yet. But we are close, very close!

I knew this from the beginning. I wasn’t expecting immediate results. You might not want to hear this, but most effective photography marketing happens over a two- to three-year timeframe, not two to three months.

photojack’s Marketing Makeover: Can Photographers Trust Designers?

Learning to trust designers with your marketing promotions, in and out

I’m a design snob. I came out of the womb appreciating and acknowledging good design – in clothes, furnishings, architecture, technology, etc. I even married a graphic designer.

Most working photographers have some design sensibilities and sensitivities. Not all, mind you, but most. After all, photography and design have a symbiotic relationship.

So why would a photographer who

photojack’s Marketing Makeover: The Re-Launch of JackHollingsworth.com

Taking it personally: The right online image requires the proper persona

It’s not at all uncommon for commercial photographers to have multiple Internet personae - not personalities. In my world, I have two very distinct online identities: one for my commercial work and one for my newfound iPhone photography work.

These public personae, or web “imprints,” are as different as night and day. They speak to different audiences, in different languages and tones. And of course, each persona has divergent marketing, branding and promotional goals.

photojack's Marketing Makeover: Editing: A Fresh Set of Eyes

Coping With Difference Between My Emotions and a Buyers Emotions

I spent most of the 80s as principal photographer and executive creative director of my own communication agency. In this capacity, I edited a dizzying amount of professional photographs. Some were my own. Most were from other contributing photographers. That experience of photography editing would indeed pave the way for several decades of more shooting and more editing - especially more editing.

So, you would think with a background like mine that I would be the best qualified person to edit my own commercial portfolio, right? Wrong. I’d actually be the worst choice for the job! Even though I have spent years editing the work of others, I still feel like I need a fresh set of eyes to help me edit my own commercial portfolio.

photojack’s Marketing Makeover: Life Happens

What it Feels Like to Lose Your Work

I don’t care how many years you have been in the photography business. How confident you are in your marketing skills or how organized you are or even how anal-retentive you are about planning and preparation. The reality is, for all photographers ... life happens.

photojack's Marketing Makeover: Out With the Old…

Editing a Commercial Portfolio

Editing a commercial portfolio is hard - wicked hard. It's taxing too - especially if you're someone like me, who has been shooting awhile and amassed thousands upon thousands of images to thumb through.

Before I tell you what I learned, let me back up a step. I want to explain why I'm doing this and what brought me here. Hopefully my trek will have some relevance to you.

photojack’s Marketing Makeover: Let the Journey Begin

How I’m Going to Get Over my Procrastination

Photography is competitive. Highly competitive. As a matter of fact, it’s more competitive than it has ever been. Long gone are the days when the merit of a stellar portfolio would bring a long line of customers to your doorstep.

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