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Creative Collision: Branding is Everything

Question: How important is branding? Type treatment? Icon? Is there a brand of an artist that stands out to you in your mind?

“You need to have a concept, something you’re trying to communicate,” says Cabell Harris of WORK Labs on branding. Harris believes that by bringing yourself into your work and “[making] the brand inviting,” people will ultimately want to “spend more time with [your] brand.”

In this Creative Collision video, industry experts will share their thoughts on branding, including:

  • Five things your branding must show to clients about who you are and what your work is
  • The importance of treating yourself as a client while developing branding
  • Why a brand must be built on a foundation that is deeper than a logo or slogan

Creative Collision on Vimeo: Branding is Everything

Participants include Amie Valentine of Amie Valentine (formerly of Saatchi & Saatchi), Shannon McMillan of GSD&M, Kat Dalager of Campbell Mithun, Cabell Harris from WORK Labs, and Kelly O’Keefe – Professor at VCU Brandcenter.

About Creative Collision

Creative Collision is an Agency Access produced video series that exposes artists to top industry experts, first-hand. This series answers artist questions sent to us by photographers and illustrators like you. The Creative Collision team of leading industry consultants, Jennifer Kilberg, Suzanne Sease, and Amanda Sosa Stone, interviewed top reps, art producers, art directors, creative directors and artists to get the answers to your burning questions.

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