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Creative Collision: How Clients Wish You Would Estimate

Question: What do you look for in invoices and estimates?

Your estimate helps potential clients decide whether you're an experienced professional, a desperate amateur, or a budget drainer! What will your next estimate or invoice imply about you? In this video, creatives discuss how the nitty-gritty elements - from pre-production fees to billing for insurance - can work in your favor, or against you:

  • Conference calls, scouting, camera equipment - what's okay to charge for, and what isn't?
  • Let's be honest: do low-ballers win?
  • Is it possible to be too detailed in your estimate?

Creative Collision on Vimeo: How Clients Wish You Would Estimate

Participants include Kat Dalager of Campbell Mithun, Shawn Smith formerly of J. Walter Thompson, Shannon McMillan of GSD&M, Belinda Lopez of Razorfish, photographer Chris Buck, Arleen D’Amico of Draftfcb and Cindy Hicks & Dwight Loew of The Martin Agency.

About Creative Collision

Creative Collision is an Agency Access produced video series that exposes artists to top industry experts, first-hand. This series answers artist questions sent to us by photographers and illustrators like you. The Creative Collision team of leading industry consultants, Jennifer Kilberg, Suzanne Sease, and Amanda Sosa Stone, interviewed top reps, art producers, art directors, creative directors and artists to get the answers to your burning questions.

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