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We respect your privacy and will not sell or rent your contact information to any parties.

We know that some people like to take charge of their own marketing and that’s why we’ve designed our accessEmail system with YOU in mind.

3 Reasons Why accessEmail Works

  1. It's simple. We give you email templates, as well as other personalization features to easily design and match your email promotions to your brand.
  2. It's professional. "Branding shows professionalism, dedication, seriousness, [and] stability," says Shannon McMillan, senior art buyer of GSD&M in our video Creative Collision: Branding is Everything. Our easy-to-use features help portray your brand professionally, setting you apart from other competitors.
  3. It's effective. View your stats of current and previous campaigns, including:
    • Open rates
    • Click-through rates
    • Opt-out rates
    You have the ability to view exactly who opened, clicked, or opted-out.

Simply fill out the form on the left and see how easy it is to reach your target audience & measure your success with our accessEmail system. 

"I signed up for the free trial, which "sold" me on a membership. I made up a few lists of contacts. Sent some emails through your accessEmail system and got great numbers from analytics on hits to my website. Then this morning I got a reply to one of my emails offering me a small but profitable editorial job for a magazine!"

- Jared Castaldi, Photographer

Get the Most Out of Your Campaign

Beyond design and customization, you have the ability to:

    • Test your email – checks email and spam filters, increasing delivery rates
    • Immediately send or schedule your email promotion
    • See what attracts buyers’ attention from click-through stats for every link in your email

Also, your email credits never expire during your membership.

Want to learn more about accessEmail? Just fill out the form to your left to test out its features.